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Guerrilla Marketing Basic Training

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Guerrilla Marketing Basic Training

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Businesses You Can Start With Less Than One Thousand Dollars: For Retirees

Guerrilla Marketing Basic Training - This book covers the basics of guerrilla marketing and its differences with traditional marketing.

A) Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing

    What are profits
    Measuring profits
    How is guerrilla marketing different from traditional marketing

B) Characteristics of a Guerrlla Marketer

    Use of psychology overview

      1) Creativity defined
      2) Writing
      3) Web Design
      3 Professionalism

C. How to Write a Guerrilla Marketing Plan

D. Implementing Your Marketing Plan

    1. Strategic Goals

     2. Joint Ventures

     3. Positioning

     4. Tracking

Designed especially for small businesses with limited marketing budgets.

Designed for the do-it-yourself business owner who is willing to invest his time and energy rather than his money.

Guerrilla marketing is based on psychology rather than expensive trial and error.

Guerrilla marketing is geared to making profits while keeping expenses to a minimum.

Guerrilla marketing is perfect for small online businesses because it embraces the creative use of technology.

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