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Businesses You Can Start With Less Than One Thousand Dollars: For Retirees

Discover 101 Easy To Implement Money Saving Tips!

How to plug the money leak. Question. Do you feel like you've got a hole in your pocket when it comes to money? It's not easy is it? I'm actually reminded of a verse in the Bible that says... He that earneth wages earneth wages to put it into a bag with holes. [Haggai 1:6] And this one... for riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven [Proverbs 23:5] Now this isn't a Bible lesson but it goes to show that the struggle to save money is an age old problem... Another Question: Are you making the same mistake as almost everyone else when it comes to money? What's that mistake? Most people concentrate ONLY on how much money they can make and ignore how much money they can save! ... I want to tell you are story... Imagine you have a huge water pot. Each morning you fill that water pot to the brim with lovely refreshing clean water HOWEVER you don't realise that the water pot has numerous leaks in it. What happens? Of course... During the day that water pot slowly runs empty because of all of the leaks. You come home from work dying of thirst and you go to your precious water pot and it's dry. Sadly this is what we do with our money too... Unless we find ways to save it our financial life resembles very much that of the water pot. Unless we plug the leaks there will come a day when we need to buy something but the money pot will be dry. It all starts with plugging the biggest leaks first... Plug just one big leak and that will keep the water and money pot fuller for longer. Manage to plug a few other leaks and your money pot will not be empty when you need it most. Now You Can Tap Into 101 Fantastic Ways To Stop The Money Leak!

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