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Holistic Health Care Guide

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Johnathan D. Butler, founder and President of The Inner U Wholistic Center, has enriched the lives of thousands of individuals seeking physical and/or spiritual healing. A Certified Iridologist and Wholistic Food Consultant, Butler has been a practicing Wholistic Health Professional since the age of eighteen. In addition, Butler has held his formal certifications for more than a decade, and has augmented his skill set with formal training in the areas of Kinesiology, Reiki, Physical Detoxification, Hypnotherapy, Electromagnetic Healing, and Healthy Living Alternatives.

Holistic does not imply religion.  It simply means treating your body as a whole physical, spiritual, psychological entity and approaching your health from all these aspects with equal attention and nurturing.  It means welcoming all healthy living philosophies & strategies, as to learn from all of them, take what works best, and blend them into your own lifestyle.  It also means taking care of yourself and being your own and greatest healthcare advocate!  I certainly did not invent the holistic ideology, but my family & I have been making an effort to incorporate holistic concepts into our lifestyle and we have noticed a positive difference, from less illness to how we manage stress!  And it turns out that a holistic-health lifestyle will also promote longevity & ideal body composition – optimal leanness and therefore an aesthetically appealing physique!

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