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google friendly page, Google SEO Guide

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Businesses You Can Start With Less Than One Thousand Dollars: For Retirees

                              Table Of content

  •     An Introduction To "On Page" SEO
  •     How and why to move your script to An external file
  •     How you file size can effect search engine
  •     How to name your file to search Phase In Mind
  •     How to structure an effective title tag
  •     How to Use meta keywords tagseffectively
  •     How to Use meta description tag effectively
  •     How to Heading tag for SEO
  •     How to structure you main page content for SEO
  •     How to check and optimize your keyword density
  •     How to check and optimize your Graphices Effectively
  •     How to optimize you URL with the title tag
  •     How to validate you HTML when Ready for SEO
  •     How to automatically all you link on your Site
  •     How to Avoid Common Search Engine Optimization

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