We are convinced we have the most fully featured secure download service. We can service the needs of beginners as well as enterprise level partners. These features will increase your digital good sales and is easy to use.


Increase sales by selling digital goods online

Our platform provide the best approach to sell your digital goods and increase is due to the combined efforts of the seller and our platform which provides marketing services as well as a stable, reliable delivery system that customers enjoy using. We work to promote your products to potential customers across the Internet and give you the tools to aid in the promotion efforts. This results in more revenue for you.

Sell globally online

Our system works everywhere- your site, Facebook, twitter, our store, blogs, etc.. We provide you with simple purchase links and copy and paste HTML code to insert purchase buttons or shopping cart enabled buttons that work on all devices and platforms. Feel free to setup multiple storefronts if you like, the more placements you have, the larger audience of customers you can sell to.
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Quick support (24*7)

Our employee works shift-wise due to that we have achieved the very fast & reliablbe support to our customers. Every time whenever your contact us for any problem and we provide the feedback within a 24 hours. Means within a day you gets the answers related to your queries. We works on issue generated by you like our issues(problems) once it has been reised then you can expect to resolve it very soon.

Secure file storage and automated delivery

we store your data on the secure server. Our secure server isn't accessiable by any third party directly. when a customer buys a products then we generate a downloadable link and after 2 days we disable that link. so, other users can't user that link to download further.

Sell with paypal

site offer selling your digital good via the paypal as a payment method. It is mostly used payment method all over the world and accepts all types of debit/credit cards. A trusted, payment solution to increase the selling globaly online. In-context payment solution that helps you more profitably sell gaming, media, or software content online to customers all around the globe.

Sell digital files on social media

We have a qualified marketing team, which work closely with all popular social media platformss and we promoto the products on social media as well. So, It gives better chances to have more audiance globally and more products get sold via using social media platform, which give you better chances to earn more revenue.
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Sell any file type (doc, pdf, mp3, zip etc.)

By using the platform one can sell any types of file, weather it is music, ebooks, document, sheets presentation etc. you should be able to upload the content to server content can be (.doc, .xls, .pdf, mp3, etc.). Once it is uploaded on server, means ready to sell.