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An unique store to sell your ebooks.

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A unique store to sell ebooks online. The easiest steps to sell ebooks. Just upload, fill information and sell multiple times.

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Boost your sales with squareshoppe

Sellers see a huge increase in their sales after using our services. We have a strong Sales team, which is expert in their field and organise sales compaign, online compaign, promotions etc.

Sell your digital goods without a website

Upload your digital content like ebooks, music, videos or premade designs and get a product page to share. We host the product, handle the payments and automatically deliver your products.

Upload Once & sell millions

User just need to upload the product once and sell thousands of customers all over the worldwide. We do all just on behalf of user's Social champian, Online marketing, Promotions etc.

Pay when you sell (What is our pricing?)

We have plans for every one. It's almost free, just upload your product at our server, when it sells, we charge a small transaction fee. It's nothing you have to pay from your pocket.

Don’t leave any of your customers unserved

Some of your fans don’t have a credit card. Don’t just turn them away, accept the payment methods they love - including PayPal and all major Credit Cards.

Trust & Safety

Your trust is our top priority. Our transparent system and secure transaction make your money safe and thousands of users trust.

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