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A leading store to sell music online. The easiest steps to sell music online. Just upload, fill information and sell unlimited times.

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Boost your sales with squareshoppe

Sellers see a huge increase in their sales after using our services. We have a strong Sales team, which is expert in their field and organise sales compaign, online compaign, promotions etc.

Sell your digital goods without a website

Upload your digital content like ebooks, music, videos or premade designs and get a product page to share. We host the product, handle the payments and automatically deliver your products.

Sell globally online

Our system works everywhere- your site, Facebook, twitter, our store, blogs, etc.. We provide you with simple purchase links and copy and paste HTML code to insert purchase buttons or shopping cart enabled buttons that work on all devices and platforms. Feel free to setup multiple storefronts if you like, the more placements you have, the larger audience of customers you can sell to.
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Quick support (24*7)

Our employee works shift-wise due to that we have achieved the very fast & reliablbe support to our customers. Every time whenever your contact us for any problem and we provide the feedback within a 24 hours. Means within a day you gets the answers related to your queries. We works on issue generated by you like our issues(problems) once it has been reised then you can expect to resolve it very soon.

Trust & Safety

Your trust is our top priority. Our transparent system and secure transaction make your money safe and trused by thousands of users. Whenever, we sell of your product, we send a email about the selling, You gets update each and every time. It makes the system so much turst worthy by millions of users accorss the world.

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I'm a writer, animal lover and social media enthusiast living in a one stoplight town south of Chicago. I am using the platform from many years. It really helped me to earn more by selling my music and e-books. I don't prefer to do full-time job. It really made my life easy by giving me extra income. Now i can full-fill my dream while doing as part time work and meantime enjoys my hobbies as well.

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